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  • What makes the Oolong Tea Club Special?

    Answer: Access the best tea in the world - if its not perfect - you get your money back..

    1. Taiwans tea producers are artisands that concentrate on quality not quantity.

    Taiwan is a small tropical island, situated in the South Pacific and boasts an incredible moutain range. It is here, at altitudes in excess of 1000m, that the temperature and humidity is perfect to slow the growth of tea plants. This enhances the flavour and the health properties of the tea.

    2. This means limited production - normally reserved for friends and family.

    Oolong tea is incredibly popular, especially amongst the Japanese and Chinese, who often visit tea gardens looking to secure a contact. The farmers will often distribute their limited production through farm shops; to neighbours, friends and visitors. Some teas sell out before the crop is picked.

    3. Over the past 20 years, Eve has been accepted into several Taiwanese familys.

    Eve has spent 20 years visting the island, meeting villagers, tea producers, tea masters, tribal chiefs, academics and learning the art of Oolong Tea. During this time, Eve has established some incredible relationships.

    4. This means that Eve can access the highest quality High Mountain oolong tea.

    Upon Eves return to her home in Cornwall, packets would start to be posted to her, containing rare types of tea that were completely different to anything she had found during her previous travels.

    5. Which means members can access single packets of the highest quality oolongs.

    Eve explained to her colleagues that people in the UK were big tea drinkers but used milk and sugar to offset the tanic aftertaste. She asked permission to distribute limited quantities of their High Mountain and dark teas through a tea club.

    6. And have the option to pre order extra packets of high mountain and dark tea prior to the 2 main Harvests.

    The tea club will hold sufficient stock for 1 x

    75 gram bag of High Mountain / Dark tea per member. Members will usually pre order for the following seasons Harvest, thus guaranateeing delivery of authentic Taiwanese tea.

    7. Eve has selected the BEST 3 Teas (out of 125 different Oolongs) and these are available to members of the Oolong Tea Club.

    Oolong Tea Club - High Mountain Light Amber

    Oolong Tea Club - High Mountain Golden Amber

    Oolong Tea Club - Ultimate Dark

    8. Eve offers a 21 day money back guarantee to members - even if you have opened the packet and made a cup of tea.

    If club members are not 110% not satisfied with their tea they will qualify for a refund. This is on the basis that the club member will have tasted up to 10% of the tea. All we ask is that you cover the postage.

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