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Beware of Fake Taiwanese Tea

Tea Producer Prosecuted for passing of Vietnamese as Taiwanese.

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Taiwan is regarded as one of the best origins of tea in the world. This is in part due to the countries unique blend of tropical climate and immense mountain ranges that often reach heights of 2500 meters. It is also due to the expertise of the sino Japanese community- that blend Japanese and Chinese expertise to produce outstanding green, oolong and black teas. Due to the limited production areas available- authentic Taiwanese tea is scarce. This has lead to Taiwanese teas attracting premium prices amongst discering tea connosseurs world wide. This in turn to the unscrupulous trade in fake Taiwanese tea. Cheap teas, from the vast tea plantations of south asia are mass produced and often mixed with various chemical agents inorder to alter the taste to that of a true Taiwanese tea. According to the Taiwan News agency, a gentleman from Nantou County was caught with a batch of fake tea after winning second prize in a local competition . The farmer, who had imported a cheap Vietnamese tea, mixed it with local oolong tea leaves. Investigators also found instances where he was passing off entire batches of fake Taiwanese high mountain oolong tea as authentic. The problem with fake Taiwanese oolongs is that they are grown in South Asia, with pesticides and herbicides which the Taiwanese government does not allow. Also, fake teas are often mixed with chemicals to alter the taste and colour of the tea. The Taiwanese authorities have a strict authentication processes which includes batch testing to see if the chemical composition of Taiwanese teas matches those grown in the region. The oolong tea company ONLY sells authentic high mountain oolong teas.

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