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Number 18 - Black Tea

Sun Moon Lake - Authentic Sweet Tea

Most of us think of black tea as the awful dust purchased from supermarkets and mixed with milk. There is however, something that I can refer to as the grand crew of black teas. Something that comes in whole leaves, and has a natural sweetness with no tannic aftertaste. In fact, within a matter of minutes, this rich red infusion will coat the taste buds with hints of honey, chocolate and cinnamon. The locals of sun moon lake, where this tea is grown, claim unique health benefits and, it is quite noticeable that the tea provides a cleansing freshness, that presumably stimulates other parts of the digestive tract, other than one’s taste buds.

We suggest, using mineral water if available to experience this grand cru of black teas and to drink using Oolong Tea Vacuum glasses or, if time allows the traditional Gong Fu style.

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