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Oolong Tea Company

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The name Oolong Tea Company, pronounced Wūlóngchá gōngsī, was chosen as a symbol of our appreciation of Taiwan's world-famous Oolong tea. The word oolong or wulong refers to the small black snakes that are often found curled up at the base of the tea plants. Chinese mythology refers to snakes as being little dragons and so oolong literally means black dragon.

Our mission is not to attempt to be all things to all men - and supply hundreds of different teas of varying qualities from different parts of the world. Instead, we specialize in sourcing authentic premium quality Taiwanese tea. Like a good Bordeaux wine, oolong tea quality will change slightly with each harvest, and so Eve Baker personally tastes each batch, before releasing it to our tea club members.

If by any chance you are not 110% impressed please call us and we will issue you a full refund.

Hopefully, you will find that the name Oolong Tea Company is synonymous with excellence.

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