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Reserve Spring 2018 Oolong in Advance

The best oolong tea is grown slowly to ensure full flavour. This means that whilst it is possible to pick oolong tea several times in a year, in most places harvesting is restricted to four and sometimes to just two times per year.

The time of year that Oolong tea is harvested greatly affects the flavour. Most Taiwanese believe that the following seasons will enhance the following properties. That is why the spring and winter crops of oolong tea are so sought after; and why, assuming some crops produce less than 50Kg of tea, genuine suppliers of high mountain Oolong tea should frequently run out. 

  • Spring  - SWEET
  • Summer - BITTER
  • Autumn - ASTRINGENT
  • Winter  - AROMATIC
If you want to be assured of authentic spring and winter teas, please call to reserve in advance.
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