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Sun Moon Lake

Home of some of the worlds most spectacular dark oolong teas.

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Sun Moon Lake is an area of outstanding natural beauty that is situated amongst the rolling hills of Nantou County, Taiwan. The area is home to one of Taiwan's ancient Polynesian tribes; the Thao. Sun Moon Lake is also home to a distinct type of dark tea, that is sometimes referred to as black or red oolong. This distinct red oolong, that includes No: 21 - Red Jade has warmth, depth, hints of honey and even cocoa. The locals advise that dark oolongs are used to help digest and sleep and that this is why northern tribes of Mongolia, that had high protein diets would prefer to drink dark teas rather than the lighter teas favored by the Japanese. Dark oolongs are used in the winter months by Taiwanese connoisseurs whereas in the summer they will tend to drink light oolongs such as Four Seasons and Alishan.

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