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Taiwan Tea Research & Extension Station (TRES)

TRES Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station

The TRES Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station (formerly known as Taiwan Tea Experiment Station or TTES) is a governmental organization for tea guidance and promotion covering all tea plantations in Taiwan. This highly respected organization helps farmers optimize their production whilst maintaining a balance with nature. It also over seas the scientific research of the Taiwan tea industry, and is specifically charged with: improvement of cultivation & processing technology & education.

You’ll find a list of examples of the TRES cultivar in the following table. Each TRES cultivar is a unique result from cross-cultivar cultivation and each taste is different. Please note that the Oolong teas are partially fermented (oxidized) where-as the black teas are fully fermented.

Taiwanese tea is reputed to be the best in the world. This is due in part to the government's emphasis on protecting the islands unique flora, wildlife, and fauna, and hence limiting the areas of valuable mountainous land devoted to tea plantations. In fact, instead of encouraging mass industrialized farming as practiced throughout the rest of the world, the Taiwanese government, through its agency, Taiwan Tea Research & Extension Station (TRES) has devoted its attention to the production of small batches of highly specialized teas.

This helps maintain the independence and livelihoods of thousands of smallholders and associated businesses. You can find more about TRES at TRES

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