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What Temperature

should I brew my tea?

Having asked several tea Masters over the past 20 years we have concluded that this is very much down to personal preference although some of the insights gained are:

  • If you use a good-quality mineral water, then boiling excessively will cause the minerals to scale the inside of your kettle. These minerals have a essential health benefits and so heating the water to slightly less than boiling point - circa 80 to 85° will help preserve them and be more beneficial to your health.
  • It is a good idea to use a temperature controlled kettle, although you can normally judge when water is almost to boiling point - and that it good enough.
  • You will generally start at 80 to 85° for the first infusion, as as you can reuse the leaves over and over again, you will gradually increase the brewing or steeping time. After three or four brews, increasing the temperature, will help to increase the strength.
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