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Why is authentic Taiwanese Oolong Tea so sought after?

Because its tea exports accounts for just 0.051% of world production!

According to: United Nations Food & Agriculture organization.

  • Tea (camellia sinensis) is the most popular drink in the world
  • Discovered circa 2700BC is one of the oldest.
  • Global tea production is 5.07 million tonnes (2013)

According to: Taiwans prestigeous Tea Research Experimental Station (TRES)

  • Taiwan produces 20,000 tons of tea per year and exports circa 2,592 tons. 

This represents an export potential of just 0.051% of global tea production. This makes authentic Taiwanese Oolong tea extremely rare. Caution must be exercized when purchasing Taiwanese oolong teas such as alishan, li shan and number 18 or red ruby tea, as some unscrupulous traders will pass of South Asian oolong tea as Taiwanese. This is important because most tea producing countries use copious quantities of pesticides and herbicides which can then be ingested. Authentic Taiwanese Oolong tea, such as that supplied by the Oolong tea company comes from environmentally friendly tea gardens from the mountains of Taiwan.


According to: United Nations

Oolong tea exhibits anti-cancer and anti-diabetes properties. See below

Taiwanese tea is reputed to be the best in the world, but because of its rarity commercial retailing in the mass consumerization sense is impossible. Also, Taiwanese farmers do not need to export.

Eve has met with several farmers in Taiwan who have agreed to release quantities for their tea harvest to the oolong tea company, which in return promotes Taiwanese tourism through videos and blogs. Whilst Taiwan only exports 2592 tons of tea per annum, this market is still worth an estimated £257 million.

In order to overcome any risk to customers Eve offers a 21-day money back guarantee.

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