• Ecologically Friendly

    Production of Taiwanese Whole Leaf Tea

    Beautiful Island, Magnificent Mountains

    Incredible Wild Life, Flora and Fauna

    We met with the smallholders, farmers, and mayors of Taiwan's tea districts in September 2003; initially, this was simply for our own interest in rare and authentic Alishan, Jinxuan and Li Shan oolong tea, some of which are high mountain teas. We sourced several packets of red jade and red rythm teas whihc are darker..

    Life Time Relationships

    Help us source the best teas.

    With a genuine and lifelong interest in whole leaf tea; the tea farmers, who had often not met Europeans before, welcomed us into their homes; sharing their delicious meals, their exquisite teas and a lifetime of wisdom in growing tea, the harvesting, production of oolong and of course brewing techniques.

    Taiwan blends eco tourism with eco farming.

    Alishan boasts environmentally sensitive farming.

    We soon learned that the island is 78% mountainous and that the Islanders are sensitive to the protection of wildlife, flora and fauna. This meant that the islands limited tea production facilities were unable to compete with the mass production of India, China and so decided to invest in eco-tourism whilst concentrating on premium grade tea.

    Pea Nut Shells & Citrus Juice

    The perfect organic fertiliser - weed suppressant.

    You will often see tea gardeners scattering handfuls of pea nutshell as this is extremely nutritious and acts as a weed suppressant. They will also spray citrus juice around the bases of the plants. Citrus juice is made from orange, lemon, and grapefruit peel, that is set aside from a local factory that makes soft natural fruit drinks.

    Catch & Release of Wild Pigs

    Pigs are transferred to pig friendly mountains.

    Perhaps the biggest nuisance is wild pigs, that will occasionally dig up small tea plants. Fortunately, these are quite rare and are caught in eco-friendly cages and then shipped to parts of the forest that are more pig friendly for their release.


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