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    • Taiwan Tea Club Tour 2017

      Videos 2017

      Tribes of Taiwan

      Tea Club Trip - 2017

      Taiwan is home to 16 distinct polynesian tribes which are celebrated at the incredible Formosan Aboriginial Village. This is a popular destination for our tea club.

      Swimming with turtles

      Tea Club Trip - 2017

      Little Liu Qui Island, located off of the southern tip of Taiwan and is an incredible place; great people, specatcular beaches and lots of turtles.

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      Which of these two celebrities should never drink tea?

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      No Quibble money Back Gurantee

      No quibble money back guarantee.

      Ooloong tea club members benefit from a no quibble 21-day money back guarantee.

      Personally Sourced Bu Eve Baker

      Personally sourced by Eve Baker

      Rest assured that you will be buying the best authentic whole leaf Taiwanese Tea.

      Hand Picked Whole Leaf Tea.

      Hand picked

      Whole Leaf Tea.

      Certified as Authentic Taiwanese Tea

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      We also visit ancient Taiwanese tribes, turtle islands, spectacular restauraunts and amazing night markets.

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