• Money Back Guarantee

    Why we offer this and how?

    We transfer risk from you to us.

    We want to remove any obstacles that prevent you from tasting some of the best teas in the world. The easiest means of doing this is encouraging you to buy some of our tea now, whilst promising a no quibble refund if it is not perfectly suited to your liking. We offer this service worldwide.


    This means that you only drink the best teas in the world and those that are perfectly suited to your taste buds. So no more having to put up with hints of tannin or musty odors. Our benefit is we maintain our reputation for providing the best teas in the world (or your money back).


    Simply order your tea. If, at any time during the first 21 days you find that its less than perfect. Simply post it back to us. So the packaging and the leftover contents. We are not precious about this. So please feel free to make a second cup just to make sure.

    Upon receipt of the tea, we will arrange a full refund and will refund the credit card that you used for payment.

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