• Personally Sourced

    By Eve Baker

    1. Tea Hunting.

    There are hundreds of enthusiastic tea gardeners within each region of Taiwan; each purporting to produce the ultimate high or medium mountain oolong tea. So our hobby has been to go oolong tea hunting. This involves a great deal of inquiry investigation: who has won what award at which tea show? who was the runner-up? Do they have ecological or organic credential's? Do they have sufficient stocks to export?

    2. Waiting

    The best tea producers generally have more customers than they do tea. This is because many tea farms are small holdings of several acres. There is often an informal waiting list of those wishing to procure these rare and award-winning oolong teas. If we are satisfied with the tea; we will politely ask if we can be contacted if and when supplies become available.


    3. Relationship

    One of the best ways of obtaining the best Taiwanese oolong tea is by cultivating a genuine friendship with the tea farmers. This friendship is easy as we all share a mutual love of Taiwanese tea, nature, protecting the environment and protecting the culture and history of Sino Taiwanese Japanese tea production. Our genuine friendship means that some incredible batches of award-winning tea is often offered to ourselves before local customers in Japan and China.

    4. Inspection

    The quality of a tea is affected by multiple variables to include the moisture in the air the day the leaves were picked. This means that the supplier of the best Alishan can change seasonally. Eve, therefore, inspects / tests all teas delivered to our ware house before dispatch.

    5. Customer Participation

    Whilst Eve is definitely an expert in what her favorite oolong tea should taste like; so are you. For that reason, we offer a no quibble money back guarantee. This way, if you do spot something that we have missed, it gives us the chance to review the batch. If our panel agrees we will withdraw it an say thank you. If our panel disagrees we will continue to sell it and say thank you.


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