3. Alishan Amber
$5.60 - $23.64
* Fresh, fragrant & fruity
* Personally sourced by Eve Baker
* 21-day money back guarantee
* Certified Authentic Taiwanese
* Available in 10gr to 500gr
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$5.60 - $23.64
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There are scores of small holdings within the Mount Alishan region, all competing to produce the best Alishan Oolong Tea. This is one of the best Alishans we have tasted. It is slightly rounder and heavier on the tongue than our light Alishan. With undertones of nectar and citrus.
Altitude: 1500Meters
Place: Mount Ali
Cultivar: Green Heart 青心烏龍
Oxidation: 15%
Roasting: Low
This was personally selected by Eve Baker and is supported by a money back guarantee.
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