2. Alishan 75gr Tin
Has the leafs of these rare and authentic Taiwanese Oolong tea opens it unleash the smell of the Alishan mountain air and the the surround you with the mist of these beautiful highland.
* Personally sourced by Eve Baker
* 21-day money back guarantee
* Certified Authentic Taiwanese
* Available in 10 to 500g refill pack
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The Ali Shan (Mount Ali) national park is home to some of the best teas in the world. Each tea gardener; often with a small holding of fewer than 2-3 acres; will attempt to outdo his neighbor in producing the best Alishan oolong tea. As with a good Bordeaux there are multiple factors that can affect the final product. This includes the state of the plants, the soil that they are grown in, their position, whether full or partial sun, the nutrients added (which is generally pea nutshell), the moisture in their air when picked, the ability of the picker and of course the complex process of semi oxidation, roasting and packing.
We have met with multiple tea farmers and provide a small selection of slightly different Alishan oolong teas. This is a genuine high mountain oolong tea. It has been grown at 1800 meters just outside of the small village of Taiping. It has undergone subtle oxidization and roasting to give it a nectared rounded taste.
As with all good Alishans; use heated mineral water (you need the minerals to infuse the properties of the tea)  and do not add milk or sugar. There is no need.
Note: we offer a full no quibble refund on this product if not 110% satisfied.
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