Jinxuan Black Oolong Tea
3.00 - 27.00
A magnificent black tea with rich, chocolatey notes negating the need for milk or sugar.
Rare and Authentic Whole Leaf Taiwanese Jinxuan Black Oolong Tea
One of the lighter of the dark Oolong Tea in our range
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Authentic Taiwanese Oolong Tea that has neem personally sourced from our friends in Taiwan. These leaves are handpicked and specially dried to produce a variety of flavours with no added chemicals or flavourings.
We have two types of Jinxuan, a light and dark version. This is our darker version which can be seen by it's deeper reddish colour. This smooth tea has a honey-chocolate tones, negating the need for milk and sugar. A soft warm drink which will help you drift off to sleep. 
For the perfect taste we recommend boiling mineral water to 80 degrees. With a standard kettle leave to rest for a few minutes to cool down after boiling, as using boiling water can burn the leaves and destroy the natural flavours. Place 5grams into a tea filter and pour in the hot water. Let the leaves infuse to strengthen the flavour to your preference. We recommend leaving the leaves for as little as 20 seconds during their first use. Then pull out the infuser and enjoy your cup of tea. The beauty of loose leaf tea is that you can use these leaves again and again. 
Each 5g can be used to make anywhere between 4-6 cups of tea making one 75g tin the source of 60 to 90 cups of tea. Furthermore because these are loose leaves, there are no bags to bin.
This Tea like all of our Oolong teas can also be drunk cold, especially in the summer. If you would like to make summer drink rather then a hot cup of Tea just place 10g in a litre of water and leave in the fridge overnight.
*Please note the outer design of the tin may differ slightly as we continue to update our logo and brand however this will not affect the contents of the tin.
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