5. Camilla Oolong Tea
3.00 - 24.00
This is a rare and authentic Taiwanese whole leaf Oolong. It has been named Camilla in dedication to the valuable work that the Duchess of Cornwall undertakes within the counties of Devon & Cornwall. Grown in an ecologically sustainable manner, in Nantou County, Taiwan, this fine tea has no tannic aftertaste, and so there is no need for milk (lactose) or sugar (sucrose). Camilla Tea
A Rare and Authentic, High Mountain.
Light Loose Leaf Tea
The aroma will let you drift to the Taiwanese rivers
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My daughter recently bought me a packet of Camilla to try, and I think it's a perfect tea for a sunny afternoon. It is a clear, pale golden-yellow, with a subtle, floral fragrance that made us think of meadows, honeysuckle and cut grass. The flavour is very light, clean and fresh, perhaps with a slightest gentle hint of orange blossom, and it tastes like it must have been made from the newest, freshest leaves. This is a smooth and delicate tea, with a fresh and cleansing flavour. I'll definitely be drinking this tea again! N Hughs - Essex
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