• The Ultimate Oolong Tea Glass

    Double Walled- with Glass Infuser and saucer

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    About ..

    Double Wall Glass

    Safe & comfortable

    Our double walled tea cups are designed to keep you tea warm whilst preventing your hands from getting to hot. These are the ultimate Oolong tea glass. They look great and your tea will taste far better than a mug.


    Integrated Tea Infuser

    Great for home and office


    1. Add large tea spoon of your favourite whole leaf Oolong tea into the infuser
    2. Add hot water 
    3. Leave to infuse for a few seconds
    4. Remove the filter 
    5. Place the Filter on the integrated glass lid / saucer
    6. When ready for your next cup of tea follow the step above starting at step 2 as many times as you which.

    This is simple and convenient. Don't forget, that unlike cheap supermarket teas, authentic Oolong Tea Club high mountain teas can be brewed several times over a couple of days.

    350ml with Silicone

    350ml Without Silicone

    450ml With Silicone

    450ml Without Silicone


    Available in various size options.

    & silicone band colours.

    These ultimate oolong tea glasses come with an infuser with a silicone band to prevent you from burning your fingers whilst removing the tea infuser. These silicone bands are available in several colour options. Please see at check out. The Sillicone alternative allows a to grip the infuser with ease, avoiding greater risk of scolding.

    Buy Now

    350ml with Silicone

    350ml Without Silicone

    450ml With Silicone

    450 ml Without Silicone


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  • Oolong Tea Company

    What we do..

    1. We source rare and authentic Oolong teas

    direct from the hill farms of Taiwan.

    Why Taiwan?

    Oolong tea is cited by the united nations as having anti cancer and anti diabetic affects. We do not endorse or refute such cliams but we do accept that high mountain Taiwanese tea is the purest - free from pesticides and chemicals and has the best flavour.

    2. We arrange permission to distribute authentic Oolong tea in the UK.

    Why ask permission?

    Oolong tea is grown on mountains on a small tropical island. Space and hence resultant crops of tea are limited. Most teas are pre-sold to Japanese / Chinese enthusiasts and almost none is exported to Europe.

    3. We allow customers to purchase the tea via the Oolong Tea Club

    Why the Oolong Tea club?

    We are lucky to purchase 40-50 packs of tea from each farmer. It is unviable to sell in the traditional sense - instead we offer these packs to our customers.

    Limited to one pack per customer.

    4. We also hold tea yoga session

    Tea Yoga

    Tea Yoga basically means sitting down and attaining ultimate relaxation through the drinking of rare and authentic oolong teas.

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